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Press Release – Dog Park Safety

South Florida – Dog parks are the fasted growing urban parks in the United States.  Over the last several years there has been a 34% increase in the number of these canine playgrounds in urban areas.  “With this explosive increase in dog parks comes special dangers and liabilities”, states Master Dog Trainer Robin Edwards, who owns Dog Guard Out of Sight Dog Fences.

Dog parks offer off leash experiences for our dogs and the ability to interact with other dogs freely.  This brings risks and liabilities.  Non-socialized, fearful, or aggressive dogs can easily cause dog fights that can harm both the dogs and owners.  Ticks, parasites, or canine feces can offer health risks dogs would not experience while at home.

Local laws and ordinances regarding public interaction between off leash dogs is still new and many times untested.  This can easily cause for misunderstandings between dog owners and the lack of proper direction for local law enforcement.

When considering taking your dog to a dog park, make sure you have a “social dog”.  Have him play with one or two of the neighborhood dogs.  Next, visit the park by yourself at a time when you would normally bring your dog.  This allows you to see the size and temperament of the dogs that will be interacting with your dog.  You will also observe how the owners react to specific dog problems.  If you take your dog to the dog park and he starts to show any signs that he is scared or intimidated by the other dogs, leave immediately.

Robin Edwards has expanded on the points above.  You can find an expanded explanation of dog park safety for your dog at Dog Park Safety.

“Dog parks are a great place to help socialize your furry friend,” added Edwards. “Following these simple tips will help make it a safe and stress-free experience.”