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Suggested Maintenance and System Tips

Dog Fence Quality Products
Dog Guard Out of Sight Fence products are all quality produced in the USA and carry a manufacturer’s warranty.  With that said, it is always wise to perform some proactive preventive maintenance on the equipment to keep everything in tip-top working order.  This page provides some tips that we have found help maintain the equipment to assure that you will have continuous protection for your pet and family.


Remove Collar on a Regular Basis:

Although this is not necessarily a “Maintenance Tip”, it is very important for all dogs wearing the Dog Guard Collar in wet, warm, and humid environments. We suggest that you remove your dog’s collar at least once a day and rub their neck. Check to see if there is any redness or loss of hair around the location of the Dog Guard Receiver.

If left on too long, the probes used to provide the static stimulus to your dog may begin to irritate their skin. Removing the collar on a regular basis and letting your dog’s skin cool off and dry off will help eliminate any possibility of redness or infection.

Make sure that your dog’s neck is cool and dry when you put his Dog Guard collar back on. Also, make sure that the Dog Guard Receiver attached to the collar is located in a slightly different location than before.

Cleaning Collars/Receivers:
dog guard invisible fence collar
We suggest that you clean your dog’s collar with soap and water once every two weeks.  Every month remove the two probes from the receiver on the collar.  Only use the removal tool provided by your Dog Guard Dealer to do this.  Check for any dirt or wear.  Write down all the information on the yellow tag and store that with your System Documentation.



Dog Guard Receiver taken apart for maintenance for lifetime warranty and Made in USA guarantee Replace the lock washers, if needed.  Lightly spray the screw posts with WD-40 and wipe off.  If you view any signs of rust on the screw posts, use a rust remover such as Loctite Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver to remove any rust.  When putting the receiver back on the collar, do not over-tighten the probes to the screw posts.  This may cause damage when you try to remove them next time.