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We were up discussing dog training for out of sight dog fences and the safety ramifications with one of our Veterinarian Hospitals in Boca Raton a week or so ago.  One of the new Vet Techs mentioned that sometimes the client’s dog she was handling seemed a little nervous.  She wondered what she could do.

Electric dog fence in Boca Raton and Training tips on calming your dog

You first must understand that dogs are very tactile creatures.  You always see them grooming themselves or other dogs.  This helps to build a bond between them as well as to show a trust that they are all part of one pack.  We have a very simple way that you can emulate that same activity.

What I told the Vet Tech to do was to emulate that she was “grooming the dog”.  I told her to recall when she pets or otherwise provides affection to a client’s dog or her own dog.  Many times this entails patting them on the head or on the back.  We are going to take this activity and modify it so that it emulates her grooming the dog.  Instead of patting him, I told her to lightly run her hand over his fur from the back of the neck to the middle of the back.  Do this slowly and repeatedly.  This emulates the grooming process.

She should see an almost immediate result in the dog’s demeanor.  He will lose that stiffness in his body and will start to give her more focus.  This is exactly what we want in order to calm him down and to lose that nervous demeanor.

We stood back and let her try it on the next dog she took back to the examination room.  She came out a few minutes later and was amazed at the results.  If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at The Best Out of Sight Dog Fence Trainers in Boca Raton and South Florida.