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When Your Dog is Sick

We were at a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fence training the other day in Sunshine Ranches and the dog was responding perfectly.  As we ended the session, our client asked us about another dog that she had.  “Every once in a while, my dog gets an upset stomach and throws up his food.  Do I need to always rush to the Vet?”

Canine Health and the Veterinarian and Electric Dog Fence in Southwest Ranches

We explained to our client that a great deal of the answer depends on their gut feel.  Since this is sometimes hard to determine, we gave some suggestions.  First of all, we always err on the side of caution when it comes to new puppies.  If the puppy is  sick to his stomach, call your vet, explain what is going on, and ask for their advice.  If you think that they have come in contact with anything poisonous, wash their mouth out and take them to the Vet.  If your dog isn’t a puppy and you have had dogs before, I would use my common sense and experience to decide what to do.

The big thing is observation.  After they have thrown up, are they still active?  Are they still eating regularly?  Are they hydrated?  (You can tell this by pinching their fur and see if it bounces back or stays in that “pinch”.  If it bounces back, they are hydrated, if it doesn’t, they are dehydrated and need to go to the Vet.)

If they are still active, have an appetite, and are hydrated, it might be a good idea to continue watching them.  This “upset stomach” might have been a one-time thing and they will be fine.

The one thing that you should do during this time is to change their diet from their regular, dry food to something that is not quite as harsh on their stomach.  We suggest white rice with a cut up boneless chicken breast.  Make sure they have all the water they want.  After about a day, everything should be fine and they can go back on their regular food.

If, from your observations, they continue to throw up, become listless, or dehydrated; off to the Vet you go!  If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at The Best Out of Sight Fence Dog Trainers in Sunshine Ranches.