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Great dog training tips to keep your dog nipping, chewing, or licking his stitches.

We were visiting some Veterinarian Hospitals talking about our Dog Guard Out of Sight Dog Fence programs near Marco Island last week when we were stopped by a client with her dog in one of the parking lots.  Her dog was going in for some surgery and she was worried that he was going to break the stitches after they got home.  Since she saw that we were dog trainers as well as out of sight dog fence distributors, she thought we would have some good ideas.  As a matter of fact, we do.


Electric Dog Fence Training and Muzzles in Marco Island Florida


Our suggestion is to always use the Italian Basket Muzzle.  I know, I know.  You are yelling at me and telling me that you would never muzzle your dog because you think it is horrible and your are sure your dog would hate it.  We have heard this many times and completely understand why people might believe this.

The problem is that most people think that a “dog muzzle” is that nylon thing that goes over the dog’s nose and constricts them from being able to do anything.  It is like having a “straight jacket” on their nose.  When it is on, the dog can hardly breathe, pant, drink water, etc.  If left on too long in a warm environment it can pose a very severe health risk and could even cause the dog to die

Please understand that the only thing in common between the nylon dog muzzle and Italian Basket Muzzle is that they both have the word “muzzle” in their names.  The great aspect of the Italian Basket Muzzle is that it is not tight around the dog’s nose and does not constrain the dog from eating, barking, drinking, panting, etc.  The only thing that it restrains them from doing is nipping and chewing.  In fact, the only place that the muzzle actually touches the dog is around the crown of their nose and the back of their neck.  Most canine professionals highly recommend this muzzle when a passively physical method must be used to deter a dog from nipping, biting, chewing, or licking.

By now, hopefully, I have convinced you that this is not a bad thing.  Now, let’s see how we properly use it.

  • The muzzle must fit snugly around your dog’s neck so that he can’t use his paws to pull it off.  Make sure that when attached, it is not slipping over the crown of his nose into his eyes.  Also, make sure it is big enough so that the end of his nose is not touching the far end of the muzzle.  Sometimes you will need to make your own adjustments to the back of the muzzle so that it will stay snug.
  • Remember when you got your first pair of glasses and how annoying they were?  This is the same, initial reaction that your dog will experience.  You will have to socialize him with the muzzle.  Put it on for short periods while you have him attached to a leash.  As soon as he starts to “goof” with the muzzle, give him a slight tug on the leash and redirect his attention back to you
  • Put a treat inside the muzzle to redirect his attention as it is going on.  We found that a great trick is to put some peanut butter on the inside, far end of the muzzle.  Your dog will want to put the muzzle on because that is the way he can get at the peanut butter.
  • Do not make a big deal about the muzzle.  Your dog should become aware that it is just another part of life.
  • Start extending the time that you have the muzzle on your dog.  This allows him to slowly get used to it until it is “just another thing”.
  • Bingo!  You now have solved your “stitches problem”.  This tool is also valuable with any issue where you have a nipping, biting, or chewing issue.  The great thing about the Italian Basket Muzzle is that it allows your dog to do everything he wants, except to nip, bite, or chew.

The one thing that we always tell our clients is that this should be used as a quick fix and temporary tool.  What you ultimately want to do is to create is a great dog that always gives you focus, respect, and obedience.  That is where professional dog trainers like us come into play.  For more information, please contact us at The Best Out of Sight Dog Fence Trainers in Marco Island and South Florida.