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Training Your Dog to Like His Dog House

We were in Parkland yesterday giving a Dog Guard Home Dog Training Fence quote to a prospective client.  It all went well and we have scheduled the work for next week.  During the discussion, we made it clear that we were also Behavioral Dog Trainers, understanding canine behavior, obedience, and socialization.  Our new client thought that was great and had another question for us.  He had bought a new dog house for his dog, but the dog seems to completely ignore it.  He said that the salesperson at the Pet Store said that all he had to do was put it in the back yard and his dog would love it.

Electric Dog Fence and your dog house inParkland Florida

First of all we have to understand that just because we buy something called “a dog house” that our dog will not necessarily love it and go into it.  The question that we must ask is “Why should he?”  Did we make it a place that was comforting and fun for him?  Did you make it his special “doggie room” where he can relax and retire?  Did we even tell him that it was his?

What you must do is to acclimate your dog to his new abode, letting him know that it is a safe and fun place that you, as his leader and caregiver, have provided for him.  Here are some thoughts:

  • Place the new dog house in a room in the house where the family normally resides. This allows your dog to see that “this new thing” is just another object in his natural play area.
  • Get your dog’s favorite toys and put them in the house.  Put goodies in the dog house and even feed him there.  Get down on the ground and play with him around the dog house so that it becomes just another fun place.
  • Once you have done this for a week or so and your dog is properly socialized with the dog house, move it out into the back yard.
  • Put the dog house someplace where your dog already naturally likes to hang out.
  • Put the dog house somewhere will not get too hot or be hit by the lawn sprinklers.
  • Put it in a quiet place away from street and loud noises from your neighbors.
  • Don’t place it at the far end of the yard.  Your dog might see this as an act of trying to remove him from the pack.
  • Now, repeat what you were doing in the house.  Feed him in his new dog house.  Make sure that his toys are around the dog house.  If he likes to dig, build a digging pit next to it.
  • Make sure that the dog house stays clean and that the local wild animals don’t try and take it over.  Take a broom and sweep for cobwebs on a weekly basis.  Clean it with a non-toxic cleanser and make sure that it stays dry.
  • Make the dog house part of your outside “play routine”.  If you like to play “find it”, hide the goodie in his house.  As you are playing fetch, get the ball or Frisbee inside his house.  This helps to include the dog house as part of the bonding between you and your dog.
  • If the weather starts to get bad, bring him inside.  Since dog houses are “hard environments”, the noise from thunder can be multiplied and the dog house could even vibrate from the thunder.  This could be a really scary experience that we don’t want our dogs to deal with.

Follow these simple steps and you will create a great “home away from home” for your dog in the back yard.  It will become a retreat where he can hang out and call his own.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at The Best Out Sight Dog Fence Trainers in Parkland.