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Training Your Dog to Potty Outside When it is Raining

We were up in Boca Raton with a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing client training his dog to stay away from the containment fence when it started to rain.  Guess what, it always rains in South Florida, so this is nothing strange.  Out client then mentioned that rain is a big problem when he needs his dog to go to the bathroom.  It seemed that he had potty trained his dog, but the dog didn’t like to go outside when it is raining.  His dog is 75 lbs. and he didn’t feel like carrying him outside in the rain or have him use potty pads.  He was at his wits ends.  Luckily, besides being great Out of Sight Dog Fence Installers, we are great dog trainers.

Electric Dog Fence and potty in yard in Boca Raton

Think about this for a minute.  If it is was raining in your bathroom, would that be the most conducive place for you to go?  I think not.  We have had this problem with many clients and have provided them with an idea that just about always works.  Let’s think about the issue facing us:

  •  Our dog does not like to go to the bathroom in the rain.
  • Our dog has been trained to go to the bathroom outside.

We are in South Florida and we know that it will be raining when our dog needs to go to the bathroom.  What we have to do is to establish an environment where it doesn’t rain outside.  Here is what you need to do:

  • Go to Home Depot and get a few flats of grass.
  • Pick a place on your covered porch where you want your dog to potty.  Pick a secluded place, if possible.
  • Put down a drop cloth that is just a little bigger than the flats of grass.
  • Put the flats of grass on the drop cloth.
  • Direct your dog to the flats of grass for his potty area when it is raining.

What you have done is to “put a roof on part of the yard”.  You have now allowed your dog to still go outside and potty where he has been taught.  The only difference is that it is not raining on that part of the yard.  When it is not raining, always direct your dog to other parts of the yard.

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