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Dog Training Tips from Naples to Help Your Dog Prepare for a Summer Vacation Flight 

We were at a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fence client in Naples for their second boundary containment lesson last Thursday.  We made a few adjustments to the perimeter levels and the dog was responding to the training perfectly.  As we were finishing up, our client mentioned that she was getting ready for a vacation trip with Rex, their Miniature Schnauzer.  They were flying to New York City on a two week vacation.  This would be Rex’s first plane flight and she was wondering about the appropriate way to travel with her dog.

Electric Dog Fence Systems and travel with your dog in Naples Florida


The first thing that anyone has to know is that it takes a little time to get your dog ready for his first plane flight.  What must be done is to socialize and familiarize the dog with the types of noises and experiences on a plane. Sitting in a dog carrier for hours on end under a cramped seat with strange noises and sounds would be traumatic for anyone, especially our dogs.

The one good note that we offered our client was that Rex probably was small enough to travel in the cabin of the plane with her and didn’t need to be put in the luggage compartment on the bottom of the plane.  With this said, here are the instructions we provided:

  • It is critical that you have the correct dog carrier that is currently approved for the airlines you are using.  Make sure that you call the airlines and receive the proper specifications for the dog carrier.  If you go to the dog store, you will see that many dog carriers will have information regarding their specifications for air travel.  Don’t rely only on the information on the dog carrier, it might be out of date.
  • Even though you think your dog is “small enough”, be sure to confirm that he fits the size and weight requirements imposed by the airlines.  Ask for all specifications you will need to confirm your dog’s ability to travel and get the person’s name and number in the event you need to call back.  Different airlines have different rules and they can change from time to time.  Make sure that your information is up to date.
  • Each flight only allows a limited number of dogs in the passenger cabin.  Even though you have a ticket, don’t think that your dog will automatically get on.  Call in advance to assure that the airlines has “booked your dog”.
  • Get your dog used to the dog carrier by placing him in it for short times during the day. Increase the time in the carrier and start carrying him in the carrier around the house. Take him to public places in the carrier.  This will simulate taking him through the airport to the plane.
  • Have him in the carrier while you are sitting and watching TV.  This helps simulate being at your feet on the plane.
  • Keep him engaged in the carrier.  Have his favorite toys that will keep him distracted.  Make sure that these aren’t the “bark-bark-bark” toys.
  • Do not feed him before you are getting on the plane.  You don’t want him to potty while you are in the air.
  • If he still seems fearful of these actions as you approach your flight day, try giving him Bach Flowers Rescue remedy or a relaxant prescribed by your Veterinarian before you board the plane.

The goal of all your actions is to get your dog comfortable while being in the crate.  Repetition and consistency with the dog training tips we have provided should do the trick. For more information about flying with your dog or out of sight dog containment fence needs, please contact us at The Best Out of Sight Dog Fence Trainers in Naples and South Florida.