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The Two REAL Dog Training Tips on Potty Training Dogs and Puppies

We were fixing a client’s Dog Guard Out of Sight Fence System in Loxahatchee Florida last week when his daughter came out with her toy poodle.  She had just picked up the poodle from a rescue and was having a very hard time with potty training the puppy.  There are always a thousand and one potty training tips that everyone loves to share with anyone who will listen.  I find life is too short and would rather get to the point.  Since over 80% of my clients’ puppy training issues involves potty training, I always want to get some quick and simple answers to them.  That is what I wanted to do for my client’s daughter and her new puppy.

Electric Dog Fence Training and Puppy Potty Training in Loxahatchee Florida


I am now going to give you one of my most valuable potty training secrets.  It probably isn’t that big a secret because I tell it to all of my clients with dogs who have potty training problems.

There are a lot of actions that you can perform to assure that you can resolve your dog’s potty problems.  Many of them are optional and not absolutely required to resolve potty problems.  In my opinion, there are two things that you must do if you are to ever resolve potty problems.  They are as follows:

  • Water:  Most dog owners leave a water bowl down all day or have one of those “bird feeder” contraptions filled up to the brim all day long.  This is wrong.  You must always pick the water up after the meal is complete (with the food).  You can then put a small amount down for the rest of the day (about ½ inch in the bowl).  Manage and replenish the bowl with very small amounts of water as necessary.Leaving a small amount of water down that can be observed and managed will let you know how much he drinks and when.  This is critical to understanding when he does go to the bathroom based upon his consumption.  If you leave a big bowl filled to the brim with water down during the day you will never know when he drank and how much. If you don’t know when he had water, you cannot determine the relationship between drinking and pottying.
  • Visibility:  ALWAYS keep your dog in sight while you are potty training.  If you don’t keep your dog in your sight, you will never see when and possibly where he made an accident.  It is very important that you have this information because it will allow you to analyze what you did wrong to allow it to happen.  You can then create a plan to address this issue in the future.

I have been talking “potty training” to my puppy clients for over nine years.  My Potty Training program involves over two hours of instructions just to get the client set up to begin the training.  I like things simple, so that is why I have provided these two potty training tips to remember.  Watching your dog and managing their water will get you most of the way towards potty training.

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