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Robin and I were visiting a prospective Dog Guard Out of Sight Fence client yesterday in Boynton Beach.  They had just moved into their house on the inter-coastal and discovered that they already had another company’s out of sight fence product installed.  After we checked it out, we discovered that the electronics had been damaged by a power surge and that the wire was corroded with multiple breaks.  Some of it was actually missing completely from the yard.  Since she was just getting two puppy Beagles and has a 10 year old son who will be watching them, she was very concerned about the dogs’ and her son’s safety when they were in the yard.  She told us that she just wanted a completely new system that was designed to work with the new puppies and keep them where they should belong.

Dog Fence Training for play zones in Boynton Beach South Florida

Since we have always said that we are dog trainers first and use the Dog Guard Out of Sight Fence as a tool of our trade, we tackled the challenge from a behavioral aspect.  We first put the entire idea of the underground fence out of our minds and just thought about the behavior of the puppies and their interaction with our client’s young and energetic son.

We first looked at the general and relevant aspects of the Beagle puppies.  They are energetic, love to be around people, and are hunters and trackers.  Because of this, although they might stay around the boy, they have a natural tendency to explore new sights and smells.  This action normally increases their focus away from the house and increases their adrenaline to continue “the hunt” into the bushes and off the property.

Next we had to remember that our client said that the bulk of outside time with the puppies will be managed by her son.  Being a young boy, he can be easily distracted or could even go inside for a few minutes to get a drink or cookie.  Being a boy, his playtime with them will create a great deal of natural adrenaline, running, and jumping.  These actions, combined with the Beagles’ natural instincts towards “checking things out”, will increase the natural drive to get into the bushes and possibly off the property.

With this in mind, we needed to create a “safety zone” where the puppies and young boy can play and have fun.  We also needed to create barriers that would keep the puppies from getting out of sight and into the bushes.  We reviewed the lot plan of the property and noticed that (like many homes in the area), there were no standard fences.  Tall hedges on both sides of the property acted as a visual barrier between homes.  The inter-coastal acted as the rear barrier and the front was simply a yard and street.  Through all of this were patches of bushes and flower beds.

We decided to create two play areas.  The first area would be in the back of the house.  We created a perimeter that allowed the puppies to be in the yard but not to approach the perimeter hedges or flower beds at the hedges.  We also made a boarder about 10 feet back from the edge of the inter-coastal to assure they would never get close to that ever.  We also created a “don’t go here area” along the sides of the house so that the puppies couldn’t just run from the back yard to the front without supervision.  This provided a safe backyard area and kept the puppies away from the bushes and plants.

We now turned our attention to the front yard.  We created a perimeter that was in front of all the bushes and plants on both sides of the front yard.  This would make sure that the puppies only stayed on the grass and didn’t even think about exploring the rest of the world.  As we got near the front of the property and the road, we noticed that there was no side walk and that most people walked their dogs on people’s front lawns to keep out of the busy street.  Because of this, we created a perimeter about twenty five back from the street so that the puppies wouldn’t interact with the neighbor dogs on their walks.  This is important because we need to carefully manage the initial social interaction between our puppies and other dogs.  Establishing a perimeter that will always have other dogs come into our puppies’ safe zone defeats this purpose.

So what have we done here?  We have two, distinct play zones that their son can easily manage.  We have naturally kept the puppies out of the flower beds and away from the edge of the property.  Even if the son goes in the house for a moment or two, the puppies will always be in a clear line of sight of that part of the house.  All this makes the experience for the family easy and safe.  They will be able to create lasting bonds while establishing clear and consistent boundary rules.

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