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I was installing a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® system in Palm Beach Gardens for a new client and his Pit Bull named Billie.  The installation was pretty simple and Billie quickly understood where he should be and where he shouldn’t roam.  My client was very pleased with the results and was looking forward to allowing Billie in the yard without worrying about his wandering off into the neighborhood.  As we were finishing up the training and starting the paperwork, he said he had a “Dog Training Question”.  Since my wife and I have trained over 3,500 dogs during the last eleven years, I was happy to help.  Because Billie was now going to be able to be in the front yard with him while he was washing the car or sitting on the porch, he was worried about the neighbors.  “Everyone is always afraid of Pit Bulls and I don’t know how my neighbors will react when they see a Pit Bull in the front yard”, he told me.

dog guard pit bull

I told him that Billie appeared to be a great dog with a wonderful, friendly temperament.  I went on to say that I have probably trained over 500 Pit Bulls and I couldn’t remember a single one that was not happy, friendly, and loved the companionship of people.  The problem, I went on, was that people hear all these bad stories about Pit Bulls and believe that every Pit Bull they ever see is on a mission to attack and kill them.  There is nothing farther from the truth.

The thing the he needed to do was to highlight how great a dog Billie really is to his neighbors.  He needs to do this in a passive way so that his neighbors are allowed to understand their misconceptions.  I told about a client I had trained many years ago and his Pit Bull.  They lived in a community where everyone was afraid of his Pit Bull.  In fact, the Pit Bull was afraid of people because they acted so strangely around him.

What we did years ago was to set up a passive program where the neighbors could observe my client and his Pit Bull in natural surroundings and instances where everything was just fine and great.  This process allowed the neighbors to slowly, but surely understand that the Pit Bull was a great dog and they shouldn’t be afraid.  In fact, they should want to interact and be friends with the dog because he only wanted to do the same with them.

Back then, there was a small play area three or four houses down from my client’s house.  This area was completely enclosed and not often used.  The great thing about it was that everyone in the community had to pass by it when they were entering or leaving the community.  All the school kids walked by it every day to and from the school bus.

We determined the best times when neighbors would naturally be passing by the fenced play area and decided to have “play dates” at that time.  My client’s neighbor on his right side had another Pit Bull and the two dogs loved to play.

Every day I had my client and his neighbor bring their dogs to the fenced play area and just let the dogs “be happy dogs”.  They would play with each other, fetch the balls, play follow the leader, and do just natural, passive “doggie play-like stuff”.

After a few days, the neighbors would stop and watch the dogs play.  They would see that everyone was having a great time and eventually asked if they could “pet the dogs”.

I told my client to be in charge of the first interaction so that the new person felt safe and calm.

After a few more days, neighbors would stop by on a regular basis just to play with the friendly, playful pit bulls.

As all responsible Pit Bull owners will tell you, they are really great dog.  We need to allow everyone else to calmly see and experience that.  If you have any dog issues you want to discuss, you can get in touch with us by going to Dog Fence Training Help Palm Beach Gardens South Florida or call (954) 472-4724.  We have a lot more Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® and dog training tips at Best Out of Sight Dog Fence Trainers Palm Beach Gardens South Florida.  Robin and I are particularly pleased to have been your neighborhood dog experts for over eleven years in Palm Beach Gardens and all of South Florida.  Do you know a dog that is in need of some good, common sense dog training?  Besides being really good invisible dog fence professionals, we are also great dog trainers.  Please check out our Behavior and Obedience Home Dog Training Programs at Home Dog Training Palm Beach Gardens South Florida.