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I had responded to a prior Dog Guard Dog Fence client in Lake Worth regarding her five year old Poodle, Willow, getting out of their yard.  They had the system installed by a prior Dog Guard dealer who had also provided them with the necessary instruction needed for their Poodle.  Everything was fine for several years, but after they had re-landscaped the front yard a few months ago, their poodle started to wander their neighborhood in Lake Worth.  They had no idea what the problem could be and asked us to come up and try to figure it out.

Poodle in Lake Worth simple dog exercises with Dog Guard Invisible Dog Fence Sustem

When I arrived at their home, Willow greeted me by coming to my driver’s side passenger door in the middle of the street.  “Well, we definitely have a problem here”, I thought to myself.  After I corralled Willow and got him back to the house and his owners, I began to dig into the issue.

It seemed that they had the Dog Guard Out of Sight fence installed about three years ago.  They always kept the collar on Willow and he knew exactly where he could go and not go.  About four months ago, they had torn out their entire front yard and added trees, shrubs, walkways, grass, etc.  Everything was completely changed and looked different.  This took about four weeks and they kept Willow in the house or in the enclosed pool area during that time.  They also had his Dog Guard collar off for all of this time.  While all the work was going on, they also would allow Willow to wander in the front yard from time to time.  They never let him out when there were other people, cars, or animals out front and would always call him back right away.

When the new front yard was done, they put the collar back on Willow and let him out to play and roam in the front yard.  He stayed in the yard for about a day or two, but then began to wander the neighborhood.  Sometimes it would take up to 45 minutes to find him and bring him home.  They also said that they were pretty sure that the Dog Guard perimeter wire had been broken, but they hadn’t used the system for over a year because Willow had understood his boundaries and didn’t wander until recently.

Bingo!  I knew exactly what the problem was!

All dogs learn through a very simple process of “right/wrong”, “this means that”, “yes/no”.  Out of sight perimeter dog fence training follows this same principle.  It is used to show the dog a specific location, based on perspective and surroundings, where he needs to obey a single rule.  In this case, Willow learned that he could not go beyond a specific point based on surroundings and perspective.  The training process involved the visual location, an audible sound based on a perspective, and finally a physical stimulation.

The owners had completely changed the front yard, so the surroundings were now completely new to Willow.  The perspective that he learned “here is where I stop”, no longer existed.  On top of this, the learning device of the visual flags, audible sound, and physical stimulation; which would have reminded him that he had reached that “don’t cross here perspective”, was not functioning.  Willow simply had never learned that he was not allowed out of the new yard.

The first thing that I did was to re-install the underground perimeter fence in the front yard to create a new boundary and “learning perspective” for Willow.  I also replaced the batteries in his collar because his owners had allowed them to go dead.  For the next twenty minutes, I walked Willow around the front yard, slowly introducing him to the boundary and the learning tools (flags, sound, and stimulation) to re-establish the boundary.  That re-established the boundary rules that Willow could understand and obey.

My clients simply weren’t teaching Willow the appropriate lesson.  They thought that their Poodle “could extrapolate” the surroundings of the new yard and overlay the lesson they had taught in the past.  Dogs don’t do that.  They take a snapshot and they are done.  We simply “re-booted” Willow’s boundary lesson with the new surroundings and everything was fine.

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