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I was installing a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® for a new client and his Golden Retriever, Marley, in Plantation late last week.  Because of the rain, it took a day or two longer than expected.  The good news is that it got done and Marley now understands that it is far better to stay around home than to wander down the street.  As we were finishing up the training, my client mentioned that it was Marley’s dinner time and if it was ok to take a break and give him his dinner.  I had no problem with that because I needed to complete some final adjustments to the system.  When my client came back, he had a question for me about dog food.  He said that he only feeds Marley the best, natural, holistic food he can find but Marley doesn’t like to eat it.  He said it takes forever for Marley to actually finish his meal and he normally leaves about half of the food in the bowl.   

dog guard invisible fence golden retriever

To help explain my answer, I first asked my client to think about dinner time when we were kids.  Our mother would always give us a healthy, nutritious meal.  We often turned our noses up and went “Euuuuuuuu!”  It wasn’t that the meal was bad or even that the food was bad, it might not have tasted “really good”.

I related my childhood hatred of lima beans.  There was no way I was going to take my fork and eat those lima beans sitting on that plate.  But you know what?  If I mixed the beans in with some mashed potatoes and then put some melted butter on the top, I would eat them all day long.

I am not saying that we need to cover Marley’s food in mashed potatoes and butter, but there is a way to enhance the food to make it more desirable.  There are things that we can add to Marley’s food as “side dishes” that are healthy and will enhance the desirability of the entire eating experience.

We feed out dogs very healthy, holistic food, but we also like to zip it up a bit for them. This is what I told my client:

  • PUMPKIN PASTE.  Pumpkin is very healthy for dogs and is a great additive to the dry food.  It is a little hard to mix with the dry kibble, but a great, tasty treat for our dogs.
  • LOW SODIUM CHICKEN BROTH.  Chicken is a healthy and light meat and the low sodium minimizes any additional salt added to their diet.  The moisture gives a pleasing smell to the dry food that our dogs love.
  • COTTAGE CHEESE.  The wonderful aspect about cottage cheese is that it is so easy to mix up with the dry food.  The moisture that it adds helps take away the “dryness” of the kibble.  It is healthy and good for the dogs and what dog doesn’t love cheese?  It is a true winner that we have been using for years for all six of our dogs.
  • FREEZE DRIED RAW DOG FOOD.  Many experts are proponents of feeding dogs natural, raw food.  Although very healthy and rich with minerals and vitamins, it is just a pain to actually do.  You can now buy raw dog food in freeze dried form in many of the better dog food stores.  Put a few teaspoons of the food into a bowl, add a little water, and wait for about twenty minutes.  You now have a great, healthy treat that you can add to your dog’s food and he will love it.

I explained to my client that these are just some simple ideas to spice up his dog’s healthy diet.  I emphasized not to add wet dog food to Marley’s diet (Unless prescribed by his Veterinarian).  Although there are many good and healthy wet dog foods on the market, they all require regular brushing of Marley’s teeth.  My client freely admitted that he just didn’t have the time to do that.

To paraphrase one of my favorite movies, “If you make it good, they will eat”.  Just having wonderfully nutritious food does not always mean your dog will chow it down.  That is why we offer some tasty, yet healthy “condiments”.  Robin and I are always here to answer all your dog training and invisible fence questions.   Go to Dog Fence Training Help Plantation South Florida or call directly at (954) 424-0170.  Learn more about Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® and the solutions we provide by visiting Best Out of Sight Dog Fence Trainers Plantation South FloridaRobin and I love the fact that we have been your neighborhood dog professionals for over twelve years in Plantation and the entire South Florida area.  If your dog needs obedience or behavioral training, we can meet your needs. Find all about our dog training programs at Home Dog Training Plantation South Florida.