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We were at a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® installation yesterday in Victoria Park to help a new client and his King Charles Spaniel named Elizabeth.   Our client had a great question that we wanted to post so that everyone can understand what to do.  He told us “It always happens that whenever I need to get my dog in from the back yard, he never comes.  I really think he sees it as a game and finds it fun to run and have me chase him…”  He then asked, “Isn’t there any easy way besides just running after him to get him back inside?”

Invisible dog fence

As most of you who regularly read our articles will attest, the best solution is really simple.  What we told our client he must do is to educate or “remind” his dog about “come”.  This command, as with any learned response, will normally take about five weeks of continual work to successfully employ.  This is all nice and wonderful, but our client needs something to get his dog back in the house between now and then.

Our client needs to initially understand what is really happening with him and his dog and then find a temporary solution to his “get in the house” problem.

I have seen this issue many times, so I could easily muse to my client”, Right now, I can pretty well guess what is going on.  You walk outside and yell ‘come’.  Your dog, Elizabeth, doesn’t really understand that sound, but you have probably gained her attention.  This time you yell ‘COME’ become more animated and frustrated.  She still stares at you, viewing your animation and wondering why you are taking an aggressive stance.  At this point, you are getting pretty angry.  Now you start yelling and moving towards her. From your actions, she thinks you are playing a game like ‘follow the leader’.  She starts to run, you start chasing, she runs faster…”

I tell my client that he has created a situation he cannot win.  He needs to find a way that he can stay calm, have control, and clearly instruct his dog that she needs to come inside with him.  What he can’t do is to give his dog the inappropriate indication that it is game time.

I have a great trick that I love because it always works:

  • Attach a twenty or thirty foot leash or rope on your dog when he is outside.  Let him run around with it so that he is accustomed to having it on when outside.  You want him to think it is normal and to pay no attention to it.
  • At the time you want to have him come back into the house, slowly and calmly go to the end of the leash or rope.  It is important that you are moving towards a point that is not near him.  That is the end of the leash or rope, not your dog.
  • You are not directly moving towards your dog so you are not sending the “play” signal to him.
  • If he begins to run, do not get crazy and run after him.  Simply stay calm and continue to follow the end of the leash or rope…
  • If you have to, stand motionless for a moment.  Since your dog is in a “play more” mode, he will come up to you to encourage you to join in the chase.  When he does this, he will bring the leash to you.
  • As soon as you are at the end of the leash or rope, put your foot on the end of it.  Bingo, you now you have control over him and are in charge of his focus.
  • Pick up the leash while still keeping your foot on it.  Once you are standing and have the leash in your hand, you can step off leash.
  • Command your dog to “come” and give the leash a little tug until he is at your side.
  • Command your dog to “walk” and calmly walk him back to the house.

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