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Robin and I were in Doral last week repairing a break in a Dog Guard Out of Sight Dog Fence.  It seemed that the client had decided to plant some new trees at the edge of the property where the perimeter wire had been placed.  Backhoes and underground wire normally don’t mix, but we had no problem in fixing the problem and getting their system up and running.  She was very happy with the results of the fence and had some additional training questions about Moose, her head strong and exuberant Rottweiler.  Moose is one of those crazy dogs, full of adrenaline and hard to control.  Now that she had him contained to their property, she wondered how she could get him to obey and focus on her commands.

Dog Fence E Collar Doral Florida to gain Dog's focus and attention

In every one of our Home Dog Training sessions, the most important fact that we stress is calm and respectful focus.  Before any training or learning can be accomplished, you need to gain the focus of your dog.  That focus must also be achieved in a way that does not put the dog in an adrenalized, frightful, stressful, or hurtful state.  If you were trying to get someone’s attention and they were really focused on something else, you might softly tap them on the shoulder to get their attention.  That is the same concept that must be employed in getting your dog’s attention in order to teach and guide them to the correct solution.

In our example above, tapping the person on the shoulder got their attention and we were able to communicate the proper information.  Now, let’s say that the person was so involved with something else that the shoulder tapping didn’t work.  You might ramp it up by grabbing their hand and giving them a tug or shaking their shoulder.  All you are trying to do is to act in such a way to get their attention.  You are not trying to “start a fight”.  This is the exact action we are trying to achieve with our dog.  Sometimes what we are doing is not getting their attention, so we need to increase our action.

Moose, the Rottweiler down in Doral, is easily distracted and adrenalized on the world around him.  A simple voice command or slight tug on a training lead does not supersede his focus on whatever he happens to be “locked on” at the time.  With Moose, as with about 1% of the dogs we train, we need to use an escalating, physical correction method.  In these rare cases, we employ the use of the E-Collar in order to evenly gain his focus so that we can guide and teach.

Many people refer to the E-Collar as the Shock Collar.  This is a misnomer.  These past collars were designed to give off an electric shock to scare and hurt the dog.  The concept was that if you scared the dog, he would stop doing whatever he was doing.  No learning was taking place.  Today’s E-Collar gives off a tone, vibrates, and provides an escalating static sensation (much like when you would take your finger and touch an old fashioned TV).  It has a large range of settings designed to find the appropriate delivery to gain the dog’s focus without hurting or scaring him.

We introduce the E-Collar into the training process at the point we need to gain the dog’s focus.  With Moose, his big problem was jumping.  Besides using appropriate body language and correction tones to guide him, we instructed out client on how to use the E-Collar’s static sensation to finally gain his focus.

Once properly introduced, the static sensation allowed Moose to focus on our client’s body language to understand that he was doing something incorrect and needed to learn what was right.

Having an over exuberant dog with a mind of his own can always be a challenge.  The hardest thing for us not to do and to avoid is becoming frustrated and angry.  Robin and I are dedicated to helping you achieve the results you need.  You can contact us at  Dog Fence Training Help.  You can find a lot of great dog training articles at Best Out of Sight Fence Trainers Dural South FloridaWe have another dog training blog at South Florida Dog Training Blog .  Please take a moment to visit our Dog Training web site at Home Dog Training South Florida.