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We were in Naples last week installing a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® system for a new client and his Boxer, Sheldon.  Sheldon loved to wiggle through the current fence and visit all the neighbors during the day and that was causing some issues with a few of the neighbors.  We quickly installed the underground dog fence in the back yard by the current, standard fence and also created a “play zone” in front of the house where there was no standard fence.  Sheldon was a very quick learner and picked up on where he should be and not be very quickly.  I told my client that he needed to practice what we taught for about two or three weeks and Sheldon should no longer be a “roamer”.  He thought this was great, but had one more question.  He loved to jog with Sheldon, but it was always a pulling match.  He actually tripped and fell down last week when Sheldon went after a family of ducks by the golf course water hazard.  Since he knew we were also professional dog trainers, he wondered if I had any tips to help with the jogging.

invisible dog fence dog training boxer

I explained to my client that jogging with Sheldon is simply a more advanced form of walking to heal.  It is important that Sheldon is a respectful and focused walking partner before he tries to up the speed to a jog.  This is because the increased speed decreases the natural amount of focus that Sheldon can give his owner and decreases the ability for the owner to quickly respond to unwanted distractions.

I explained that he and Sheldon should start out on some simple walks around the area that they will eventually jog.

  • Use a six foot leash and keep Sheldon roughly by his side.
  • As soon as his Boxer begins to decrease his focus on him and “stare” at the ducks, bicycles, etc., correct him with a tug on the leash and have Sheldon look at him.
  • Change direction every once in a while just to make sure that Sheldon is paying attention.
  • Change the speed of his walk to make sure that he is walking Sheldon and not the other way,
  • Stop and have him sit every four or five minutes. Have him remain in the sit for about a minute and then start him walking again.

Once Sheldon is performing the walk and all its little exercises well, it is time to speed it up.

  • Start the walk again, but speed up the pace.
  • I told my client to give Sheldon more of the leash so that his “around me” space is a little bigger. This will help to accommodate for the faster pace of the jog.
  • Correct as soon as Sheldon starts to focus too much on other distractions. Give a firm tug on the leash to get him back to the proper focus.
  • Always be vigilant about the distractions in the area. It is better to correct proactively to assure focus and direction than to be tripping and falling.
  • Don’t wear headphones. I told my client that he needs to experience the area in the same manner as his dog.  This helps to build a stronger bond and is also a safety issue.

It is also important to remember not to over exercise Sheldon.

  • Dogs love the companionship of their masters and they will actually “over-exercise” at times. This can cause joint damage that can lead to arthritis in older dogs.
  • Also, always check their paws to make sure you aren’t wearing them out.
  • Do not run for long periods on hot days. Dogs will overheat far faster than humans.
  • Be aware of the heat of your walking or jogging path. Studies have shown that a sidewalk can reach over 120 degrees on a summer day and an asphalt street can reach over 145 degrees on a summer day.  This can be very dangerous for our barefoot doggies.

We were always told that we had to walk before we could run.  The same is true for dogs.  Robin and I hope you will ask us anything about dog training or underground dog fence training.  Please click on Dog Fence Training Help Naples South Florida or phone us at (954) 472-4724.  We have more canine training and out of sight dog fence information at Best Out of Sight Dog Fence Trainers Naples South Florida.  We have made over 3,500 dogs excellent family members in Naples and all over South Florida through superb dog training and invisible perimeter dog fence training.  If you don’t have a problem with your dog escaping but have a dog that doesn’t listen and misbehaves, check out our behavioral canine training at Home Dog Training Naples South Florida.