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We were in Palm City earlier in the week finishing up a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® project for a new client and her Beagle named Angel. Angel loved to roam the neighborhood and could easily get through their current fence.  Because of Home Owner Association rules and restrictions, they couldn’t replace their current fence or even modify it without a whole set of approvals by multiple committees.  Our Out of Sight Dog Fence system was the obvious answer and we got Angel to understand she needed to stay in the fenced property in no time at all.  As we were finishing up, she had a dog training question for us.  It seemed that besides her love of wandering the neighborhood, now corrected, Angel was very disobedient and didn’t want to listen to anyone.  She was wondering if we could give any dog training tips that had worked as well as our dog fencing system and tips.

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When a dog isn’t listening and misbehaving, we always want to dig down into the human-canine relationship and overall environment before we start coming to any conclusion.  Because of that, we had some questions to ask.

First we wanted to know normally interacted with Angel and the nature of the relationship.  My client said that she was the main caregiver for Angel.  She feeds him, plays with him, and corrects him.  When they are alone, Angel mostly obeys and listens to her.  Her husband is home at night and on the weekends.  He just likes to play with Angel and lets her get away with anything she wants.  When my client tries to correct Angel for something bad, like stealing food, her husband normally just laughs and lets Angel have the food.

Well, I think I have found the problem right there.  It is not that Angel is a bad dog and misbehaving.  She sees that there is no true leadership and that she can always get whatever she wants when the husband is around.  There simply is no consistency and thus, no need for focus and obedience.

I went on to tell my client that all dogs really want to behave and be good dogs.  In order to do this, they need to have leaders that enforce the same rules on a consistent basis.  It doesn’t do any good if one leader is being consistent with their rules and training if the other leader does not.  Angel simply perfects the art of collusion to “go to daddy” for whatever she wants whenever she wants.

Just like with kids, she and her husband must display a “common front” of direction and correction towards Angel.  I told her that they both need to get “on the same page” with their correction activities.  They absolutely need to establish a clear set of simple rules that they will always enforce with Angel.  Whenever their Beagle breaks any of these clear and simple rules, both of them must consistently correct her and direct her to the correct solution.  This is key and is the only way to have an obedient dog.

I went on to clarify that I did not want them to hurt, frighten, or scare her in their corrections.  I simply wanted them to passively redirect her in her mistakes and affirm her when she was doing the correct thing.

I also explained that this was not going to make her unhappy of her environment or fearful of them.  In fact, the exact opposite is true.  Once she sees that they are good leaders and giving understandable direction, it will make her feel overwhelmingly safe and calm.  She has now found her “home, sweet home”.

Just like people, if you are hearing different things in each ear; you will never know what to do.  You will never know who to obey. Robin and I encourage you to call us with any questions about home dog training or out of sight dog fences.  Just click on Dog Fence Training Help Boynton Beach South Florida or give us a ring at (954) 472-4724.  We have additional dog Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® and dog training tips at Best Out of Sight Dog Fence Trainers Boynton Beach South Florida.  We have trained over 3,500 dogs and families in Palm City and all over South Florida.  If your dog only misbehaves or is not obedient, we are also your best dog trainers.  Learn more about Robin and my Obedience and Behavior Dog Training Programs by clicking  Home Dog Training Boynton Beach South Florida.