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We were at a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® project on Wednesday in Tamarac to help a new client and their Samoyed named Ivan.  We, of course, were there to help keep Ivan on their property and our invisible fence and training took care of that.  Ivan had decided that he would rather stay at home than wander off when anything or anyone would pass by.  Once that was solved, our conversation turned to general dog training and canine behavior. Our client was telling us that he was doing everything he could to get his dog to sit. 

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“I say “Sit!  Sit, sit you crazy dog, sit! Just humor me this one time and put your rear on the ground!  This isn’t funny anymore, now I am getting mad, SIT SIT SIT!”  He told us that all that talk just wasn’t getting through to Ivan…

As professional dog trainers, we hear this kind of frustration from dog owners all the time.  What has happened is that they have run head long into the major difference in the method humans communicate and the method dogs communicate.  We use words words, sentances, paragraphs, etc.  We have languages where each language may have a different word to describe the same thing.  Each word could be an antonym, synonym, or slang.  We change meanings by using punctuation and intonation.  Different people can look at the same thing and describe it using different words and we all can still understand what that thing is or what is going on.

From our dog’s point of view, this is completely foreign.  Our dog does not have a dictionary where the same word might have multiple meanings and a list of other words that mean the same thing.  When things enter his ears, they enter as sounds and tones. These are the things that come out of his mouth We often describe these sounds as whining, growling, or barking.  These sounds that our dog makes are all the tools that he has when he wants to verbally communicate to other dogs or us.

For us to properly communicate with our dog, we need to to understand that words are actually sounds to him.  For us to correctly communicate using “those sounds”, they must be unique, with only one meaning.  For example, think of what you experience when you hear an emergency vehicle’s siren.  You hear the sound of a siren and you know that there is an emergency vehicle nearby.  You look for the vehicle, pull over, and allow it to safely pass to get to the emergency.  The unique sound of the siren invokes a unique response from us.

Now, put yourself in your “dog’s paws”.  What you just experienced and reacted is how your dog verbally communicates.  If we want to have our dog sit, we must have a singular sound that whenever he hears it, he always sits.  Most of us like to simply say “Sit”.  And, by the way, “Sit, sit, sit, sit” is a different sound than “sit”.

So, just remember that you are talking “sounds” to your dog.  One sound means one thing.  Use that to verbally communicate and he will understand.  We are constantly here to assist you with all your dog training and invisible fence issues.   Click on Dog Fence Training Help Tamarac South Florida or pick up the phone and call (954) 424-0170.  Find all about Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® and the great inviable fence solutions we provide by going to Best Out of Sight Dog Fence Trainers Tamarac South Florida

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