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I was in Victoria Park (Fort Lauderdale) at a new Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® client last Thursday installing a new dog perimeter fence for his German Shorthair, Rocky.  This crazy dog liked to jump the fence and chase kids on their bikes down the street.  As soon as I finished introducing Rocky to the invisible “don’t cross here line”, he was done and decided it was better to play in the yard than go after the neighborhood kids.  I am sure that the neighborhood kids in Victoria Park will be thankful for one less annoyance.  My client and I then started to talk about my Dog Training activities and what training dogs really meant.  He was wondering how long it took to train a dog.

Dog Fence Training in Victoria Park to establish your bond

“How long does it take to train a dog?” is a question that we are always asked and one that really doesn’t have a definite answer.  It is really based on the fact that what most people call “Dog Training” is really the act of building a trustful bond between you and your dog.

People say that they want a good dog that doesn’t jump on their guests, stays off the furniture, doesn’t steal their food, potties outside, walks calmly beside them, barks to warn them and then stops, etc.  They want their dog to sit, stay, come, and behave.

After eleven years, Robin and I have had requests for hundreds of different activities people want their dog to perform or ways they want them to behave.  The process of accomplishing this starts with building the bond and respect between the owner and the dog so that the dog accepts that he is the follower and his master is the leader.  The trust that is established crates the environment where the dog will willingly submit to the owner’s requests.

It takes about two to three weeks to initially teach an obedience command or establish a particular behavior.

…Great, so that means that it takes about three weeks to train my dog!

No.  That is how long it takes for you to teach your dog an appropriate action or behavior.  The hard part comes next.

After you have set your dog on the proper path to become a great dog by being obedient, focused, and respectful; you must engage in constant, repetitive enforcement.

You must create a relationship where you continue to practice and expand on your initial exercises.  Every day needs to be a learning process for both you and your dog.  You must learn your dog’s needs and fears.  Your dog must learn your wishes and commands.  Only in this way will you create a two-way bond that will create a great canine-human relationship.

Dogs crave leadership, safety, and consistency.  Your continual focus on having your dog respect your wishes while you provide for his needs will fortify these requirements.

So, “How long to you train your dog”?  As long as you and he are lucky enough to be together.

It is an innate, human “truism” that “You never stop learning”.  That is exactly the same for our dogs as well.  It is part of our bond and our relationship.  Robin and I are always excited about the opportunity of providing great dog training tips or requirements for needing an underground dog fence.  Please click on Dog Fence Training Help Victoria Park South Florida or call us at (954) 472-4724.  I have much more great dog fence and dog training information at Best Out of Sight Dog Fence Trainers Victoria Park South Florida.  We have successfully trained over 3,500 dogs in the Fort Lauderdale area and most other parts of South Florida to be great dogs through behavior training and perimeter training.  Providing a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® System needs an excellent installation process and a professional dog training program.  Our time proven Perimeter Dog Training Method is vital to the Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® System.  If your dog doesn’t escape the yard, but likes to jump on you and not listen, you should definitely check out our services at Home Dog Training Victoria Park South Florida.