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South Florida DOG GUARD Testimonials


Two Saturdays ago my wife gave me an ultimatum to make sure our two dogs stopped getting out of our property.  She wanted it done then.  I called Bruce late Saturday morning and he was out that afternoon to give me a quote and meet our dogs.  Understanding the urgency, he began the work immediately and even worked all day Sunday to finish the project.

He then trained our dogs to understand that there was now a boundary and that they needed to stay on our property.  By Monday morning we had great dogs who didn’t want to roam the neighborhood and I had a very happy wife.  Bruce is a life saver!

Richard M.
Southwest Ranches, Florida


Bruce and Robin at Dog Guard do what they say and are great to work with!  We just moved into a five acre horse property and spent a lot of money in putting up a regular fence around the entire property.  Our dog simply jumped the fence and we wouldn’t see him for hours.  Dog Guard gave us a very reasonable quote and were out within a few days to install the underground dog fence.  They had no problem with making a few changes I needed and didn’t even charge me for it.

The installation was great, but their professional dog training was even better.  They taught me exactly what I had to do to keep my Vizsla on our property.  After working with my dog for four or five days, I could let him out and be confident that he wouldn’t wander off.  When I had questions about the equipment or training, they were always easy to contact and either fixed the problem right on the phone or got out here within a day.  Dog Guard and Bruce & Robin did a great job and I am really happy I used them.

Craig S.
Loxahatchee, Florida


You have saved me over $800 by fixing my underground fence and helping me train my dog, Cody.  As I told you, we had another company come out and look at our old dog fence system.  They were going to charge us $1,000 just to fix it.  I thought that was crazy and that is when I found you guys on the web.  You came out right away and got things running and Cody trained in a matter of two hours.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your honesty and professionalism.  I plan to recommend you to all my friends and neighbors.

Judy N.
Naples, Florida


I was about ready to have to give my dog away because he kept escaping into the neighborhood and I was getting fined almost every week by the Homeowners Association.  Of all the dog fence companies I interviewed, you guys were the best.  What I really like about you is that you focus on training me and the dog to use the fence system.  What you have taught me has really worked and Rusty has not left the yard in over a month.  He has no problem in going outside and playing with the kids.  He just doesn’t cross the boundary.  I wish I had talked to you and done this sooner.  My life is so much better.

Barry M.
Boca Raton, Florida


We were going crazy because every time we let our little rescue, Buster, out to go potty; he would wander away.  It got to the point that we would have to walk him three to four times a day.  That was getting old really quickly.  Our Vet suggested that we call Bruce and Robin and talk to them about the underground dog fence.  They seemed very knowledgeable and we felt comfortable that they would do a good job.  The great thing about Bruce and Robin is that they not only did a great job with the dog fence installation, they gave us great dog training for Buster.  Within just a few days, Buster knew where he could go and where he couldn’t go.  We don’t have to walk Buster any more and he seems a lot happier.  We are too!

Jason D.
Davie, Florida


Dog Guard really did the job.  They worked with us to make sure that our dog would finally stay in the front yard.  We can let him out there when all the school kids get home and we don’t have to worry about him ending up down the street.  They guaranteed their work and their price.  They are also great dog trainers and our dog loves them.

Harry and Linda F.
Jupiter, Florida


We interviewed all the local dog fence companies in the area and Dog Guard was the only one interested in our dog’s problems and not just putting in the fence. Bruce and Robin are actual dog trainers and they spent a great deal of time after putting in the fence working with us and Nevada, our crazy Black Lab. It has been six weeks since they installed the fence and Nevada no longer wants to leave our yard and chase the school kids down the street. The added tips that they gave us also helped with his jumping and not listening.  He is just a happy dog!  When you go with Bruce and Robin at Dog Guard, you get the complete package!

Dexter and Sandy W.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


We were moving into our new house in under a week and were bringing our two dogs down from South Carolina with us.  Our new home is on the inter-coastal with a dock out to our boat.  We built the house because we loved the view.  We forgot about our dogs being “water crazy”.  We needed to do something fast.  We called Bruce and Robin from Dog Guard and they were out the next day.  They listened to our needs, solved our problem, and provided great service.  We have now been in our new, dream house for just under a month and our dogs can be out side and never go in the water.  This is the perfect life!

Jeff and Mary W.
Tequesta, Florida


My wife and I had been holding off on trying one of those underground dog fences for a long time because we thought it might hurt and scare our dog.  I was talking to my Vet the other day and he told me to give Dog Guard a call.  “Those guys know what they are doing and they never do anything that scares or hurts the dog.”  I gave them a call and they came out a few days later.  I felt very comfortable with what they told me and it was amazing how my dog and Bruce, the Dog Guard guy, bonded instantly.  The fence goes in and the training starts tomorrow.  I am so excited that I can now have a happy and safe dog!

Bill and Marion H.
Cape Coral, Florida


We have a crazy dog that always runs away and have contacted several of those companies that install the underground dog fence.  We have been told that we have a “problem lot” with a lot of tree stumps and obstacles that make it hard to put in the underground fence.  Because of that, the quotes we received were always very expensive.  A few weeks ago we found Dog Guard from Google and called them.  They came right out, saw what we wanted, and gave us a guaranteed quote, problems and all.  It was a lot lower than the others.

During the process we also changed our minds several times on what we wanted.  They were very accommodating and actually charged us $500 less than what we originally agreed.  They are honest people who do great work.

Steve and Joan T.
Wellington, Florida


We had Bruce out several years ago to train our Black Lab for bad behavior and potty problems when we lived in Weston and had a fence.  We recently moved to Parkland and our new home does not have a fence around the property.  We were surprised when we did a search for invisible fences and found Dog Guard of South Florida and Bruce.  He did a great job training our dog, so we wanted to see what he could do in containing him.  As before, we were very impressed with his work and the way our dog quickly responded.  Everything is great and we are telling all our neighbors about him!

Al and Betty W.
Parkland, Fl.


We have about two acres with no fence and have owned dogs for years.  None of our dogs ever ran off our property until we got Molly, our lovable Vizsla.  She is about one year old now and we could only let her out on a leash.  We interviewed a lot of dog fence companies and were very impressed with Dog Guard.  They clearly explained everything and made us very comfortable that they could really do the job.

They have done everything promised!  Molly can be outside by herself and not run away.  They helped us with all the training and still keep in touch to make sure everything is working out.  We love their newsletter with all the dog tips and safety suggestions.  We have recommended them to our family and friends.

Ross and Lanah H.
Naples, Fl.


We recently moved into a great house with a beautiful view of the lake and golf course.  To tell you the truth, the view was the big reason we bought the house.  Almost from the start, Rusty, our Golden Retriever, would jump into the lake after ducks or swim across the lake to chase the golf carts.  We didn’t want to put up a regular fence and block our view.

Our neighbor had used an underground dog fence company called Dog Guard and said they did a great job.  We called and talked to Robin for over an hour about our problems and how they could help.  They came out that afternoon and made us feel really great about their expertise with the product and their knowledge of dogs.    Rusty now stays in the yard and we can’t be happier.

Bill and Maryanne H.
Weston, Fl.


We have always had a problem with our Bull Mastiffs getting out of the back yard fence and chasing golf carts, kids on bikes, and just about anything else down the street.  Our fence was such that we couldn’t just patch it, so we decided that we needed one of those out of sight fences for dogs.  We interviewed several companies and were most comfortable with Bruce and Robin from Dog Guard Out of Sight Fence.  They explained everything very thoroughly and we were really excited that everything they were using was made in the USA.  We booked them on the spot and within one week, we had our underground fence installed and were off on training our dogs.

It took about two weeks of working with our dogs until we were sure they really understood that they couldn’t leave our yard.  Once they got it, they have never tried to escape again.  Our lives have been totally changed because of Bruce and Robin and Dog Guard.  We can now let the dogs out in the back and we don’t have to constantly be watching them.  Our neighbors can now pass our back fence without worrying that are going to be chased down by our humongous dogs.

Jamie R.
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.


About a year ago we moved here from Virginia because of a change in my job.  We bought a beautiful house with a great golf course view.  When we got a Black Lab for our kids, I knew he would never be an “inside dog” and I didn’t want to give up that great view of the golf course by putting up a regular fence.  A neighbor had recently used Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing for their dog and told me that I had to call them.  I called and talked to Bruce for over an hour.  He explained  everything about the system and that he and his wife were also professional dog trainers.  He came over the next day to analyze our property and gave us a quote that was below other dog fence companies that I had contacted.

I went with Dog Guard and am so happy that I did.  Everything was installed so professionally, I could hardly tell that anything had been touched.  Bruce and Robin trained our lab with the fence so that he clearly understood where he could go and where he was not allowed to go.  Now, the kids can play with him in the back yard and golfers can “play through” with no problem.  They easily solved a big family problem and I am telling everyone about the great job they did.

Jay and Annie D.
Naples, Fl.


We recently relocated here from California where our house had a regular fence all around the back yard.  Our new home is on a lake and our Springier Spaniel jumped into the water and started going for the ducks as soon as we had finished unpacking.  It took us over two hours to get that crazy dog back into the house.  We didn’t want to put up a regular fence because we loved the view, but didn’t want to always be chasing after our dog and the ducks.  We Googled and found Bruce & Robin from Dog Guard.  Bruce called us back right away and was very informative and helpful.

In just a few days Bruce had installed the underground system across the lake front and, except for the little yellow flags, is completely invisible.  Robin, his wife, then came up out to help with the training.  Together, they trained Rusty (our crazy dog) to stay out of the lake.  We felt very comfortable in their professional and humane teaching methods and Rusty got it right away.  We have been working with Rusty for the last few days and he is now happy to go anywhere in the yard, but not the lake.  Simple. Professional. It works!

Henry and Susan V.

Jupiter, Fl.



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