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Dog Fence Training South FloridaUseful Links

Dog Guard of South Florida hopes these links are helpful in your pursuit of a happy lovable dog, and life with your dog, with or without our fencing.  (All of these links are to other website’s).  South FL Dog Guard hopes that you find them to be useful links to help living with your dog in Broward, Palm Beach, and Collier County.



Dog Fence Naples Florida Vets and Dog Hospitals


Veterinary Hospitals in South Florida…

We have visited many Veterinary Hospitals in South Florida over the years.  Please check out the Hospitals we have visited and would like to suggest for you and your dog.



Home Dog Training South Florida with invisible fence

Home Dog Training of South Florida

If your dog or puppy needs additional training, Home Dog Training of South Florida is a great dog training company that offers the best in-home dog training in South Florida.  Aggression, anxiety, bad behaviors, obedience, potty, 0r any other issue is addressed by these professional trainers.  They have currently trained over 2,500 dogs in South Florida. Have a Great, Trained Dog!


Electronic Fence Fort Meyers Florida


Pet Adoption…

Are you thinking of adopting a pet?  Great!  Here’s a link to some lovable animals that need a good home.  Adopt a Dog!





Dog Fence North Naples Florida


Dog Licenses…

If you already have a dog please do the responsible thing and make sure that he or she is licensed in South Florida.




Dog Fence Boca Raton Florida


Healthy Dog Food

We recommend feeding your dog or cat the best food that you can.  We feed our four dogs a healthy and fresh food that is made right here in Florida.  Please check it out at Healthy and Fresh Dog Food.




Dog Fence Travel Safety


Travel Safely With Your Dog

It can always be challenging when you and your dog need to travel.  Bring Fido is a great web site that solves all your travel problems.  Please check it out at Great Dog Travel by Bring Fido.





Dog Fence Wellington Florida


SE Florida Dog Parks…

And remember plenty of exercise makes for a happy pooch. Check out South Florida’s many Dog Friendly Parks & Beaches.




Dog Fence Coral Springs Florida.

Save a life, and make a friend for life!

South Florida Humane Society SPCA, Building a Brighter Future for Dogs and other Animals in our Community





Dog Fence Collier County florida.

Spay & Neutering Programs (Great Discounts!)

Friends of Animals has a great program that provides great discounts to spay or neuter your dog or cat.  The great thing is that you might even be able to have the operation done by your pet’s own Veterinarian!  We always recommend this process in order to keep your pet safe and healthy.




dog rescue south floridaDog Rescue Groups

Robin and I have five rescue dogs.  They are all great and we are sure that when we add to our pack, they will always be rescue dogs.  Here in South Florida there are so many dogs euthanized or abandoned daily.  We feel that this doesn’t have to happen.  Please visit the Rescue Groups we are familiar with to find out about dogs that can become part of your family.


Dog Fence Training in Naples FloridaCalming and Soothing Music

There have been studies that have shown that music can help with canine behavioral issues such as separation anxiety and fear of thunderstorms.  We would like to offer you some of this music to try on your dog.  Please check out Calming and Soothing Music for Dogs with Anxiety and Fear of Thunderstorms.



Electronic Dog Fences South Florida