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Robin and I were at a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fence client on Friday finishing our containment training with their two Golden Retrievers.  We were finishing up around their dogs’ dinner time.  Our client was commenting that she was feeding her dogs very healthy dog food without any grain, meat as the very first ingredient, and no by-products or fillers. With all this said, they just didn’t like it.  She had tried several different healthy and holistic brands and recipes and none of them got her dogs excited over meal time.  “I feed them better than my husband and I eat and they still snub their noses at it.  I don’t want to feed them junk, but what can I do?”


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I always like to take current situations and try to relate that to experiences that my clients and I have probably experienced in our past.  (Robin hates this, but I do it anyway!)  I told our client the universal story of when we were kids and our mother wanted us to eat lima beans. For a little kid, you would almost rather get a spanking than having to eat lima beans.  There was no way that I would put them on my fork and put that fork in my mouth.  But then my mom and one of those “Mother moments”.  She took some lima beans and mixed them into a big helping of mashed potatoes.  Then she took some hot butter, made a little “lake” in the top of the mashed potatoes, and poured the hot butter on the potatoes.   Guess what I ate next?

I am not saying that she needed to feed her dog mashed potatoes smothered in butter.  What I am saying is that there are natural, and in this case, healthy additives we can include with the Goldens’ food to make it more desirable.  Here are some things that have worked for us with our five dogs over the years:

  • COTTAGE CHEESE.  I love using cottage cheese with dry food because it is so easy to combine with the dry kibble.  The moisture that it adds helps take away the “boring dryness” of the kibble.  It is also healthy and something that all dogs love.  It is a true winner that we have been using for years for all five of our dogs.
  • PUMPKIN PASTE.  Pumpkin is very healthy and is a great additive to the dry food.  It is a little hard to mix with the dry food, but a great, tasty treat for our dogs.
  • LOW SODIUM CHICKEN BROTH.  Chicken is a healthy and light meat and the low sodium minimizes any additional salt added to their diet.  The moisture gives a pleasing smell to the dry food that our dogs love.  You can also use this with their bones or other chew toys.
  • HEALTHY DOG FOOD.  Many people simply buy what looks nice on the shelf or what they saw on TV the night before.  Studies have clearly shown that feeding your dog a healthy diet not only creates a happier dog, it can prolong their life by years.  We suggest you feed your dog a great food called Life’s Abundance.  You can learn more about nutrition and get this healthy and nutritious dog food at Really Good Dog Food.

Remember, all these items are additives that are healthy and will encourage your dog to eat his entire meal.  Please do not add wet food to your dog’s kibble.  Although there are many good and healthy wet dog foods on the market, they all require you to brush your dog’s teeth regularly.  Most of us just don’t do that.  Our dog’s teeth will then rot out early, causing health issues as they grow older.

Please give one of these options a try and I am sure your dog will love meal time.   As always, check with your vet regarding all your dog’s health and nutritional needs.  For more information about this or any dog training issues, please contact us at (954) 472-4724 or our web site at The Best Out of Sight Fence Dog Trainers in Palm Beach Gardens and South Florida.