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Yesterday I was in Naples training a Dog Guard Out of Sight Dog Fence client’s dog to remain in the perimeter.  We used a lot of distractions to coax the dog to approach the boundary and our prior lessons of showing him to stay away from the edge of the property were working wonderfully.  The dog, although interested in what was going on, made the decision he would not go beyond a specific point.  It was a great session and I instructed the client to continue the lessons for about another week to ten days.  He said that he was confident that the Out of Sight Fence would be a success and was wondering what he could do to make the yard interesting and fun for his dog. 

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All dogs need something that can direct and contain their attention.  They all need distractions that can stimulate the brain and provide a release for the energy and adrenaline that naturally builds up in their bodies.  With escaping dogs, that release was normally getting out of the yard and harassing the neighborhood and neighbors.  With the successful installation of a Dog Guard Out of Sight Dog Fence, that option is no longer available.  So, what can we do now that we have a great dog?

  • CHEW TOYS  Almost all dogs love to chew.  The great thing about this is that it is a stationary action that does not require escaping the area or barking at the neighbors.  Never give your dog old shirts or shoes as chew toys.  He does not understand that your good clothes or work shoes aren’t available for chewing also.  Minimize any type of plush toy.  These have the same sensation in your dog’s mouth as your sofa’s pillows.  We always suggest natural, safe items such as deer antlers.  These are safe and natural.  They last a very long time and all dogs love them.
  • OUTSIDE DOGGIE BED  Get some old towels, pillows, or a “doggie bed” and place it in a dry, cool area in your back yard.  Place some goodies or your dog’s toys on it.  This is helping to create a “den” for your dog in the back yard.  A dog’s den is a natural, safe location where he can remain and not have to react to the world around him.  This will allow your dog to relax while he is outside.
  • DIGGING PIT  This is a suggestion that might not be for everyone, but for some, it is the perfect answer.  Dogs often dig in the back yard because of boredom.  If you have given your dog chew toys and he still is making holes, one solution is to encourage the action.  The one thing that you must accomplish is to make sure that your dog’s digging is on your terms.  You need to direct him to where you want to dig and then take charge of that area.  We suggest that you find a location in your yard and create a sand box in that area.  Make sure that you line it with a plastic liner and then fill it with clean sand.  Make sure that your dog doesn’t have to cross muddy areas to get to the digging pit.  Now, put treats and toys in the sand.  Put some on top and some buried in the sand.  Soak some in chicken broth to add to your dog’s olfactory senses.  He will associate this location as the fun place to dig and the rest of your “boring” yard will be spared from his holes.
  • YOUR INTERACTION  Your bond between your dog and yourself is of critical importance.  Interacting with him is a key factor in creating and maintaining that bond.  Play with your dog as much as possible in the back yard.  Throw the ball, play hide and seek, practice obedience exercises such as “Come”, “Sit”, “Walk”, etc.  Just sit on the back porch and talk to him.  He doesn’t really know what you are saying, but he is becoming familiar with your body language, tone of voice, and smell.

These are just a few, quick suggestions to help you create a great experience and deliver entertainment to your dog.  Remember that you are the most important thing to him in the whole world.  He is looking towards you for safety and comfort.  That is easy to deliver, if you take the time.

If you have any questions about training your dog, providing entertainment and diversion, or the Dog Guard underground pet containment system, please contact The Best Out of Sight Fence Trainers in Naples and South FloridaAlso, please check out our South Florida Dog Training Blog on our Home Dog Training of South Florida Web Location.