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Robin and I were in Jupiter last week visiting some of the local Vet Hospitals and talking about Dog Guard Out of Sight Dog Fences with the Veterinary Technicians.  They all understood and agreed with the need to protect dogs from running away and saw the importance of having the right methods to allow pet owners to easily maintain the safety of their pets.


invisible dog fence training and Halloween safety in jupiter florida


Since Halloween is right around the corner, we were often asked the question regarding perimeter dog fence training and general safety at Halloween.  The question we were often asked was “If the dog has been taught not to run past the end of your yard or go under the back yard fence, why can’t you just let him loose during Halloween?  He gets not to run away, right?”

This is an excellent question and the answer is very important for dog owners to understand in order to provide their dog with the appropriate safe environment during these types of holidays and events.

The Dog Guard Out of Sight Dog Fence training, or any underground dog fence training, reinforces that the dog should not go past a defined perimeter.  As part of the training technique, standard distractions are used to entice the dog to leave the area.  As the distraction is in play, the dog is allowed to make the appropriate decision.  The teaching and redirection is based on reinforcing the correct answer.  The distractions that are used could be friends walking down the street, golf carts with kids going by, another dog across the way, and other things that normally happen.

The problem with Halloween is that it is a day when normal things don’t happen.  It is a time that celebrates weird, scary, one-of-a-kind things that force our adrenaline up and disorient us.  This also includes our dogs.  We have not necessarily prepared our dogs for this in our perimeter training.  This means that we are about to introduce an additional element of risk for our dogs and we have not taken the appropriate precautions to assure their safety.

The best thing that we can do is to temporarily reset our dog’s environment to eliminate these “once a year” distractions so that they don’t come into play in maintaining everyone’s safety and wellbeing. Here are some quick tips:

  • Keep your dog inside during the Halloween festivities in a quiet room away from the street and your front door.  By the way, make sure the room’s door is closed.
  • Have someone with your dog to keep them company and to play with them.  Just have them on the sofa watching TV with you.
  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times so that you have physical control of him.  You don’t have to always be holding the leash, but it gives you a big target if he starts “to bolt”.  You can easily step on the leash to stop him and get him back.
  • Make sure your dog has his identification tags on and that his collar is nice and snug.  “Snug” does not mean that he can’t breathe or that it is “loosey-goosy”.  Tighten the collar to the point where it is tight to his skin (not fur) and that you can just fit two fingers between the collar and his skin.
  • If he has a chip, double check that the information in the chip’s database us up to date with your current address, current phone number, and vet’s information.
  • If you want to bring your dog to the door to see the little hobgoblins, make sure that he is firmly on his leash.  Let him approach the kids on his terms.  If you see that he is becoming too excited, back off.
  • Before you let him out the next day, check the area to make sure that no candy has been dropped in areas where you let him roam.

Halloween, as we mentioned earlier, offers once-a-year sights and sounds that we can process, but our dogs may not.  If is far easier and safer just to direct our dogs away from them  as opposed to force them to experience whatever may appear.  If you have any other questions about Out of Sight Dog Fence Training or Halloween Safety, please contact us at The Best Out of Sight Dog Fence Trainers in Jupiter and South Florida.