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I was in Jupiter last week repairing a broken fence line for a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® client and his Catahoula named Mollie.  I had installed the system about three years ago and Mollie hasn’t wandered off the property since then.  Unfortunately, they were doing some farm work in the back of the property and their tractor pulled up and broke the perimeter cable.  The problem was pretty obvious and I had the system up and running very quickly.  As I was finishing up, my client asked me “Should I pay attention to what my neighbors say about me and my dog?” 

Dog Guard Invisible Fence Catahoula Dog

Since man was placed on this planet, everyone has had an opinion.  Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, they seem to want to share those opinions far more often than in the past.  I told my client that, as a good neighbor, he should listen to what his neighbors have to say.  That is where, as a polite member of society, he can make his own decision on what to do next.

Our dogs are part of our family; our group; our pack.  As a properly formed pack, we are the leaders and they should follow our rules.  That is their responsibility.  Our responsibility is to care for them and to keep them and the rest of the pack safe and secure.

In the same way our parents always told us “While you live under my roof, you follow my rules”, we must do the same with our dogs.  That creates the natural, social order that they expect and need to survive.

When we get “suggestions” from our neighbors regarding how they perceive our dogs should behave, we should take those comments as suggestions only.  If we feel that they would benefit our relationship with our dog, we should consider implementing them.  If we don’t believe that those comments would benefit our relationship with our dog, we shouldn’t take them to heart.

Now, remember that I mentioned it is your and your “pack’s” responsibility to be good neighbors.  If your dog is constantly barking and bothering the neighbors, if he is pooping on their yard and you are leaving it, or if he is lunging and they are doing nothing to provoke it; you should resolve those issues.  Make sure that your rules always include “Be a good neighbor”.

Our lives are built around our families and so are our dogs’ lives.  The most important thing is our relationship and bond with our dog, not what our neighbor thinks.  As long as we (both us and our dog) are socially polite and appropriately courteous to our neighbors, they should not direct our family relationships. If you have questions, please go to  Dog Fence Training Help Jupiter South Florida or reach us at (954) 472-4724.  Find out more regarding Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® and discover excellent dog training tips at Best Out of Sight Dog Fence Trainers Jupiter South FloridaWe are so happy to have been your local dog specialists for over eleven years in Jupiter and all of South Florida.  Our products really work in keeping your dogs safe and on your property.  Did you know that Robin and I are also professional dog trainers? Find out more about our Dog Behavior and Obedience Training by visiting Home Dog Training Jupiter South Florida.