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I was in Coral Springs last Tuesday installing a new Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® system for a client and his Doberman named Francis.  I love Dobies because they are really just happy, friendly dogs.  That was the big problem with Francis.  She always wanted to greet everyone in the neighborhood.  The neighbors loved her, but it was a very large inconvenience for my client.  After our first training session, Francis understood that she would have to greet neighbors, friends, and guests when they came to her house.  No more wandering for her.  My client was happy and so was Francis.  As I was finishing up, my client had one more question for me.  He worked long hours and was wondering how much time he should devote to playing and “just hanging” with Francis.

invisible fence dog training doberman dog

Playtime is very important in any relationship; dogs and humans included.  It gives us an opportunity to role play in a safe, non-threatening environment.  It allows each of us to understand our likes, dislikes, fears, and pleasures.  It is a time where we can say “to heck with everything else, we are just going to enjoy the moment and our company”.

Since humans and dogs are both driven by a need to belong to a group, pack, or family; this is very important for both of us.  We must play together in order to strengthen our bond, friendship, and trust.

Trust is an important aspect of play that I want to discuss for a moment.  Remember when we were kids on the playground?  There were some kids that we would allow us to push us on the swings and some kids that we would not allow us to push us.  This is because we trusted some of our friends not to push so much that we would get too high and become scared.  These were the same friends that we trusted with other actions that directly impacted us.

This same trust is a very important part of our relationship with our dog.  When our dog trusts us, he will be far more likely to obey our rules and commands.  He will be far more likely to provide us with the respectful focus we need to properly train and guide.

So, yes, playtime if very important.  We have six dogs and they are always with us when we are home.  Our playtime really takes place all day long and is based on just getting outside, throwing the ball, playing fetch, or just walking around the back yard to check out our neighbors across the lake or go hunting for geckos.

Since we all (I assume) have dogs because we love them, I always suggest that you give your dog as much play time as your lifestyle can allow.  If you work long hours during the week, I suggest having your dog in a Doggie Day Care so he can at least get in come play and energy release with other dogs.

Let’s discuss “energy release” and its importance to play and respect.  Most people don’t want a dog that is nuts all the time.  They can’t focus on your commands when you give them.  They misbehave as they are running all over the house with your new slipper in their mouth, knocking over your lamps and pictures.  Playtime is a natural solution to proper energy release.  You and your dog “play, play, play” and then come back in the house.  Your dog is normally then a little tired and will calmly go to his bed or sit at your feet.  When you need to have him do something, it is far easier to get his focus and properly direct his actions.  He is also far less likely to misbehave because of pent up energy and adrenaline.  All you have done is to do what our mothers always were yelling at us, “Take it outside!”.

Remember that learning can only take place when we focus and are calm.  Play helps keep your dog healthy and builds a bond of respect and friendship between you and your dog. Please ask us any dog question by going to Dog Fence Training Help Coral Springs South Florida . Contact us immediately by calling (954) 472-4724.  Learn all about Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing® and learn about dog behavior at Best Out of Sight Dog Fence Trainers Coral Springs South FloridaWe are honored to have been your South Florida dog experts for over twelve years in Coral Springs and all of South Florida.  Our products are perfect in keeping your dog safe and at home.  Robin and I have trained nearly 4,000 dogs as professional dog trainers. Learn all about our Dog Obedience and Behavior Programs by going to Home Dog Training Coral Springs South Florida.