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I was in Coral Springs last week working on a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fence for a prior client.  It seemed that the gardener had broken the wire when he was planting a new tree.  This is no problem for us to fix, so I got the system up and running pretty quickly.  As I was leaving, I saw my client agonizing over giving her dog some pills prescribed by her Veterinarian.  “I have tried everything!  I put the pills in cheese, I tried the pill pockets, I even got some raw meat from Public’s and hid the pills in that.  Every time I give Elvis the goodies, he eats everything else and drops the pills on the ground.  I don’t want to stuff them down his throat because sometimes my kids have to give him the pills and I don’t want to take the chance of his biting them.  Any ideas Dog Guard Guy?”

out of sight dog fence training and proper medicine in coral springs

Well, luckily I am not just a Dog Guard Guy, I am also a Master Dog Trainer and I have the perfect answer.  Like many great solutions, the answer has been staring us in the face all along and we have just not thought about it.  The problem is that their dog could sense the hard pills in his mouth.  They had probably tried to force them down him in the past so he associates them with an anxious experience.  Naturally, he spits them out.

What we need to do is to reform the pills into something which they can’t easily sense and disguise it in something that they naturally feel comfortable in eating.  I always suggest that we use their regular meal as the transport for the medicine.  They always eat their meal and it is always an anticipated and enjoyable experience for them.

Now, we must transform the pills and “hide” them in the food.  The simple answer is that we need to grind the pills up.  Take two spoons and put the pills on one of them.  Now, use the other to break the pills up into smaller portions.  Next, push and grind the spoons together with the broken up pills in the middle.  This will turn the pills into a very small, fine powder.  At this point, you can sprinkle the powder over the food and mix it in.  You can also mix the powder with a little water or low sodium chicken broth and pour that over the food.  The medicine is now part of the dog’s daily meal.  All we have done is to slightly add another ingredient to their meal.  They will never know.  Most importantly, you are not putting yourself at risk by trying to “jam” something down their throat.

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