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I was starting a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fence installation this morning in Cape Coral and was chatting with my client about the location of the perimeter fence when our conversation turned to dog training.  Since he knew I also trained for obedience and behavior as well as containment, he had a new question for me.  “Why is it that so many people have such a hard time training dogs?  I know a lot of people who are very smart people, but their dogs are nuts and just don’t listen.  In fact, the dogs seem to be running the household.  Is there some secret to dog training?”


dog fence training and canine focus incape coral florida

I said “Yes”, and then paused for a moment or two.  I then began to laugh and said “And here is the secret…”

The important thing that we have to remember that we are humans and our dogs are dogs.  It sounds easy, but there are a lot of people out there who will swear that their dogs are humans.  Now, in a human family, anyone can say “Let’s go to the movies”, “Let’s go to the mall”, “How about getting a bite to eat”.  We (humans) don’t care who had the idea.  If it is a good idea, we do it.

Remember that most of understand that our dog is a dog and not a human.  Different behaviors, different instincts are going on inside dog’s canine brain.  From our dog’s perspective, the animal that says “Let’s do this”, is the Leader of the Pack.  The Alpha Leader is the one in charge and the one who says “Let’s go”.

So why is all this so important?

What we don’t want to do is to always be telling our dog that he is the boss.  When we do this, we are telling him that it is his job to be our protector and that he can do whatever he wants.  “Whatever he wants” can include jumping, running out the door, biting, nipping, incessant barking, and all those other things that drive us nuts.

Is our dog wrong or bad in doing all these things that drive us nuts?  Not if we are continually telling him that it is his job to do those things!  But, how do we stop it?

Here is the bottom line…

Whenever we are dealing with our dog, it must always be on our terms and must be our idea. If he comes over to us and nudges our hand with his nose for a pet, we ignore him.  He just said “I want YOU to pet me”.  If we pet him, we are doing what HE told us to do and HE is the boss.  We must call him to us and then we can pet him.  WE called him over and he responded.  WE are the boss and will have his respect.  The bottom line is always make it your idea and you are the boss.  Always make it your idea and your dog will give you the focus and respect demanded by the boss.

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