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Robin and I were visiting a Veterinary Technician in Bonita Springs last week to explain how we could help her keep her dog in the yard with a Dog Guard Out of Sight Fence.  She was very impressed with the quality and simplicity of the system as well as the training techniques we used on focusing her dog to stay in the yard.  As we were about to leave, I noticed that she had an extension dog leash next to the front door.  I asked her if that was what she used to walk her dog.  She said that areas in Bonita Springs had leash ordinances and she used that leash to walk her dog.  The problem, she said, was that the dog always runs whatever way he wanted and she always had a hard time getting his attention.  I offered some simple dog behavior advice…


Although I didn’t chastise her for using the extension leash, I made it known that I don’t believe they are the proper way to walk the dog.  I reminded her of what we were just talking about regarding the underground dog fence containment system for her yard.  The purpose of the system is to guide her dog back to the proper area in a consistent, repetitive, and naturally educational manner.  As we place the perimeter, we always want to have the house or a clear path to the house available to the dog.  This provides a consistent answer when the dog reaches the perimeter and understands that he is wrong in trying to cross.

The only thing that the extension leash accomplishes is to allow the dog to do whatever he wants.  There is only one direction on the extension leash, and that is farther away from you.  You are not teaching him that he is walking with you and that he needs to obey your rules and stay by your side.

We always recommend the simple, six foot dog leash.  It should be the proper size for the dog (1/2 inch width for small dogs and 1 inch width for large dogs), and have a comfortable handle for you.  You should only give your dog enough leash so that he can comfortably walk by your side and easily look back to you for direction.  You can always stop and give him a “free” to sniff, potty, or play; but it is on your terms.  This keeps your walks safe and builds the bond of respect and focus between you and your dog.

In the same way you program your dog to stay in the yard by understanding that is his safe area and his home is the house, you train your dog that you are his protector and guide when you are on a walk.  If you have any questions about leashes, other walking problems, or underground pet containment systems, please contact The Best Out of Sight Fence Trainers in Bonita Springs and South Florida.