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Battery Plan

Dog fence batteries south floridaThe DOG GUARD® Battery Plan!

The highest reason dogs escape from an underground containment system is dead batteries.  When you invest in a battery plan, we completely remove that problem for you.  You will automatically receive new batteries in the mail every four months for the duration of your battery plan.  It can’t be easier than that!

At the end of the contract, we will remind you to enroll for another contract term.  This keeps your receiver functioning at it’s peak performance and provides you with the peace of mind that he is safely contained.


Single battery.  $20.00 plus tax and shipping

One year battery plan (one battery sent every (4) months…$60.00 plus tax & processing.

Two year battery plan (one battery sent every (4) months for two years…$90.00 plus tax & processing.

Three year battery plan (one battery sent every (4) months for three years…$135.00 plus tax & processing.

You can also buy multiple batteries at any time. The cost per battery is $20 for 1 to 3 batteries. The cost per battery is $15 if you purchase 4 or more batteries at any one time. Remember that this does not include tax & processing.

 FYI: Dog Guard batteries are specially welded together to make certain they  maintain 100% connection.  There is no chance of a receiver not working  due to a battery losing contact.  Dog Guard® batteries are specially designed and engineered for this outdoor application.

By using original Dog Guard Pet Fencing batteries you maintain your lifetime product warranty as well as making sure your batteries are at full power when you receive them.   To maintain the high correction capacity of your Dog Guard receiver it is important to make certain the voltage does not drop below a minimum level.  Just as a flashlight beam is not as bright with a weak battery, your Dog Guard receiver is not as strong with a weak battery.